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Numerology Workshop

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Hurry Up!! Only 11 Seats Are Left For this exclusive 2 Days Workshop. It is going to be on 20 & 21 March & Timings are going to be from 12 to 2 PM. After payment is done on 18 March 2021, we will add you to our WhatsApp group and the class link will be shared there.
What Topics This Workshop Will Include:
* Personality & Destiny Number
* 1 to 9 Number Significance
* Lo- Shu- Grid
* Lucky Colour
* Unlucky Colour
* Lucky Metal
* Lucky Direction
* Lucky Days
* Correction Of Name Spelling ( Human Names, Company name, Pet Name, House Name & Number, Car Number, Product Name etc.
SPECIAL NOTE: For people who are not available on 20 March (Saturday) we can mail you the class recording of the Saturday workshop and then you can attend the workshop on Sunday & ask all your problems and quires.
1 If you want to establish a career in coaching or counselling
2 If you are considering a career that helps people come to know their purpose and potential in life and how to achieve it.
3 If you want to be a Numerologist.
4 For your own personal needs – if you wish to discover why we are each so uniquely different.
5 If you want to specialize in Relationship Counselling.
If your passion is to be a professional Careers Advisor, for the young and not so young.
6 If you are a parent and want to gain a deeper understanding of your child/children so you can guide them in minimizing their challenges and maximizing their success and happiness.
7 If you are a Health care professional, particularly in areas that include counselling, psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy and want to gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs and aspirations.
8 If you are a teacher, mediator and/or human resources professional wanting to add a deeper level of human understanding to your attributes.


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