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Name Correction

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In This, our team will call you within 24 to 48 hours and make a call appointment of 15 Minutes for you with Mr. Bhupesh Singhal or Mrs. Shiply Singhal and our experienced experts will correct your name which will bring happiness, success, and enlightenment to your life. 

Name Correction

Would Shah Rukh Khan be the ever reigning King Khan if his name was different? Would Mahatma Gandhi not be assassinated if he was not a Gandhi? These might just be questions to some but might be part of self-identity for others. Our names are the foundations on which our personality is built. From creative spellings to family tributes, our names say a lot about us and they help us become who we are and sometimes act as a catalyst to speed up our growth and sometimes as a hindrance, so find out which side the pendulum swings for you! Let us take an example, have you ever faced a situation where you did extremely well in an exam or interview but did not get good marks or the job, while your other friend with average efforts fared better than you! This is called fate. But we need not be disheartened as there are ways to enhance them and get greater results with lesser efforts. All you need to do is get a numerological analysis done of your birth date, destiny number and your name to combine together and get the best vibration to help you reach the skies!

Key to Your Present and Future

“Name” is a powerful word that beholds everything that you portray to the outside world. It describes your confidence, personality, approach and management. However, as per Vedic Astrology, a name is more than just that. It is the key to bring good luck, happiness and prosperity in your life; although, it can also bring you misfortune, problems and failures. So, if you are facing such situation where you are having second doubts about your name, order our Name Correction Service Report. With this service, our experts perform the numerological analysis of your name to assign you the best combination of letters that will have a positive impact on your life.


Best Experts at Your Service

A name act as a catalyst that can speed up your growth or may hinder it. With this report, we make sure that it reflects your personal growth and success. Our expert astrologers employ ancient science of Vedic Astrology to offer you a Name that rids you of bad luck, change your whole life in a positive manner and helps you achieve success. They have years of experience in occult science of astrology and numerology, thus offer optimum name correction services to our customers. To make our service more reliable, your name change report further go through quality checks and scrutiny, before the final report is delivered to you. Thus, we ensure that you get accurate information at your service.



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