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Lal Kitab Course


Lal Kitab Course Online, Lal Kitab was first published in 1942 by Pandit Roopchand Joshi, was re-written in 1952. It is based on remedies. It works from birthday to birthday called ‘Lal Kitab Varsh Kundali’, it provides you with remedies to boost your planets each year. Most importantly it tells you about the ‘dosh’ that can be ‘pitr rin’, ‘matr rin’ and many more. They may be the obstacles in your growth. Lal Kitab tells you remedies to take off these dosh from one’s kundali.

Lal Kitab Course, Lal Kitab can be gift or boon. Because its remedies are so powerful, one needs to be careful while recommending them to others. Therefore, it is important to have adequate knowledge about it. To know Lal Kitab, one need to be meticulous in Astrology. We encourage to first study Astrology so that you can use Lal Kitab remedies for the betterment of others.

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Lal kitab course
Lal kitab course
Lal Kitab Remedies by Future's Darpan